SF Therapy Collective is currently taking applications for post-graduate, license eligible (MFTI, ASW) clinical interns who are looking to gain hours toward licensure.

We are offering the opportunity to participate in an exciting and fast growing LGBTQQI focused mental health practice, two hours of group supervision a week as well as a small stipend. We are looking for a year commitment and a 10 hour/week time investment, as a minimum.

Our goal is to provide services to all in our very diverse community. For this to happen we must continue to focus on establishing a diverse group of clinicians that work with our client base.

As part of our commitment to serving our entire community, combatting the continued existence of employment discrimination and general lack of diversity within our mental health profession, SF Therapy Collective has chosen to be an equal opportunity/affirmative action organization.

All interested individuals, but especially those who identify as people of color, disabled, HIV+, transgender, or gender variant, are urged to apply. We are also actively seeking Spanish speaking applicants.

We here at SF Therapy Collective feel very proud to be able work with the next generation of LGBTQQI mental health practitioners. The community as a whole benefits as we learn from each other and further hone our skills in individual, group, couples work, intake and assessment.

Interested applicants may send cover letter and resume to Chris Holleran at

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